Specialists of «E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation assessed the organization and quality of medical care in the field of “cardiovascular surgery” in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation “Kamchatka Krai”

On 20-21 August, 2020, a repeated departure of experts from «E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to the constituent entity of the Russian Federation “Kamchatka Krai” on the profile of “cardiovascular surgery” within the framework of the federal project “Development of a network of national medical research centers and the introduction of innovative medical technologies.”

The experts of Meshalkin center PhD I.V. Pchelina, MD O.Ya. Vasiltseva, T.G. Narygina Narygin visited the regional vascular center and the surgical department of the Kamchatka  «Lukashevsky regional hospital» , Kamchatka regional cardiological dispensary, therapeutic department of the Elizovskaya regional hospital to assess the organization and quality of specialized, including high-tech, medical care for cardiovascular diseases.

Experts assessed the current state of medical care in dynamics for 6 months of the current year, including statistics on mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the region, materials on achieving the targets of the regional program “Control cardiovascular diseases” in 2020, patient routing schemes , regulatory documents with an action plan to eliminate the comments identified during the offsite event in January 2020.

The experts worked together with the organizers of the regional healthcare, the head of Roszdravnadzor in the Kamchatka region (I. N. Shpak), the chief cardiologist of the Kamchatka region, chief doctors of institutions and their deputies, heads and attending doctors of departments, specialists of the medical statistics department. The cardiology department for patients with aorto-coronary syndrome with intensive care and intensive care wards, , the X-ray operating room, the surgical department with vascular surgery beds, ultrasound and functional diagnostics rooms, the therapeutic department with cardiological beds for elective patients were examined.

In order to assess the quality of treatment, the medical histories of patients with emergency conditions, the procedure for organizing dispensary observation of patients after acute cardiovascular diseases, and a system of free drug provision of cardiac patients in the region were studied. The experts also paid attention to the organization of pharmacovigilance and control over medical devices, informatization of processes in healthcare.

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