Specialists of «E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation assessed the organization and quality of medical care in the field of “cardiovascular surgery” in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation “Omsk region”

On 5 and 6 October 2020, employees of Meshalkin Center, PhD I.V. Pchelina, I.V. Polyakova, T.G. Narygina within the framework of the federal project “Development of a network of national medical research centers and the introduction of innovative medical technologies” assessed the organization and quality of medical care for patients with cardiovascular diseases in Omsk region.

During the visit, the indicators of the regional program “Fight against cardiovascular diseases”, the procedure for routing patients for the provision of specialized, including high-tech medical care of circulatory system diseases, including the provision of medical care for acute coronary syndrome were studied.

Specialists studied operating rooms, cardiac surgery Department, Department of x-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment “Regional clinical hospital”, outpatient Department “Clinical cardiology dispensary” held meetings with heads of specialized departments, chief specialists of the region in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery on the state and prospects of development of specialized, including surgical, medical care for cardiovascular diseases, continuity of patient management “hospital-polyclinic”.

The Regional medical information and analytical center studied the issues of informatization of the region’s health care by creating modules of the unified state health information system, forming a register of patients with high-risk cardiovascular diseases, accounting and forming state statistical reports.

When studying medical histories, the assessment of treatment compliance with clinical recommendations and quality assessment criteria for the disease profile was carried out. Special attention is paid to the issues of pharmacovigilance and control of medical devices.

Preliminary results of the visit were discussed at a working meeting with the participation of the Minister of Health of the Omsk region I. G. Soldatova. Recommendations on the results of the field event will be presented to the leadership of the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region, the administration of medical organizations, the main regional specialists in areas, and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

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